Our Staff

Lillian Sherman, Executive Director
Lillian.Sherman@pikeplacemarket.org  |  (206) 774-5246

“I can honestly say I have the best job in the city! Every day as I walk through the market, I’m surrounded by our mission: a neighborhood where low-income people find dignity, hope and community.

By giving to The Market Foundation YOU make stories like the ones you’ll find on our website possible.  The difference we make together is more than just a day in someone’s life, we are changing a community. Together, we create the legacy that is the Pike Place Market.”

Professional Background: I returned to the Market Foundation in 2012 after spending 13 years leading the fundraising and community relations efforts at Wellspring Family Services and FareStart.  Both organizations went through significant growth periods during her tenure including major capital campaigns. Prior to her first turn at the Market Foundation in the late ‘90’s, she created Special Events for Food Lifeline and for The Bon Marche.  Lillian spent her formative years in McMinnville, Oregon, moving to Seattle to attend SPU where she earned a BA in Political Science & Social Work.  She also holds an MPA from Seattle University.  

Fun fact! When not working or chasing children around, you will find her outside running or walking trails or swimming happily in the lake.

Christi Beckley

Christi Beckley, Fund Development Manager
Christi.Beckley@pikeplacemarket.org  |  (206) 774-5243

“I love the Market!…is what everyone says, but that is before they learn about the services housed with-in the Market and supported by the Foundation. Then they say….Wow, I love the Market even more now.”

Professional background: I enjoy ensuring that services are available for those in need by inviting others to give back to our community. Prior to joining the Market Foundation team, I spent the last 15 years in the non-profit sector in development, programming and leadership for the YMCA of Greater Seattle and the American Cancer Society.

Why I love my job? It’s a joy to be surrounded by the vibrancy of the Market community, but it is the passion of our supports and the positive impact that they help create that keeps me going each day.

Fun Fact! Give me a good beat (preferably a funky one) and I’ll dance to it!

ColleenColleen Chalmers, Social Service Program Coordinator
Colleen.Chalmers@pikeplacemarket.org  |   (206) 774-5233

“I love working at the market, in the heart of Seattle, where you can find wild salmon, fresh produce, social services, and a beautiful community all in one place!”

Professional background: I graduated from Humboldt State University in 2013 with a BA in news-editorial journalism, an additional area of study in art and photography, and a minor in Native American studies. During my time in Humboldt County, I was a resident adviser for university housing where I did programming, a cook and manager at a restaurant for three years, a photography darkroom technician, and an editor-in-chief for the university’s community magazine where I won Society of Professional Journalists’ regional Mark of Excellence Awards. After college, I was a reporter at a local Humboldt County newspaper, and worked at coffee shops and as a freelance journalist in San Francisco. Working in social services is a natural progression for me, after such a diverse background of jobs working with communities and sharing people’s stories through journalism, and a consistent involvement with social justice issues in San Francisco. I start with the Pike Place Market Foundation, via serving with AmeriCorps VISTA.

Why I love my job? I love to work with people and to really get to know their own story. I love to be part of empowering communities and in turn, being witness to a thriving community empower themselves and support each other. I genuinely enjoy working with a variety of people at the market to ensure expansion of social services offered. I am thankful for the opportunity to prepare the social services programs for the new neighborhood center that will be part of the upcoming, new market front. Every day, I am in awe of the work being done within each social services agency at the market, and I am honored to be part of the community.

Fun fact! I grew up in San Francisco, but I was actually born in Seattle, so moving to Washington was really a return to the Pacific Northwest for me. I took my first steps as a baby at Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill, and I would frequent Pike Place Market with my mom and brother on a daily basis as a kid.

Patricia Gray, Campaign Manager
patricia.gray@pikeplacemarket.org |  (206) 774-5249

“More than fresh fish and produce, the Market is a model for how a diverse neighborhood stimulates a dynamic, economically viable community. My approach to Public Relations & Marketing is through community building and I firmly believe there is no better place to do this than Pike Place Market. 

Professional background: My passion is to empower people to make a positive impact in their community. I have worked in communications and fundraising at Wellspring Family Services, FareStart and the University of Washington Alumni Association and served on the board of ROOTS Young Adult Shelter. Prior to my nonprofit career, I was a journalist in Indiana, The Netherlands and locally for Real Change Newspaper. I have a journalism and telecommunications degree from Ball State University.

Why I love my job? My approach to Public Relations & Fundraising is through community building and I firmly believe there is no better place to do this than Pike Place Market.

Fun Fact! By night, I enjoy tearing it up on the roller derby track!

IMG_4985Reid Martin, Campaign Coordinator
Reid.Martin@pikeplacemarket.org  |  (206) 774-5271

“Before I started working at Pike Place Market, I thought that it was for tourists and downtown residents. After volunteering for the Foundation over the past seven months, I have seen that the Market is more than flowers and fish.  It is a community of people who come together every day to lift one another up to make the community they live in better than the day before.”

Professional Background: I worked all my life in construction.  I enjoyed renovating homes and helping people get through stressful remodels but I felt something was missing.  I decided to go to night school and finally finish my degree in communications.  After graduation from the University of Washington in 2012 I worked part time for two boutique PR and Marketing firms based in the Seattle area while I worked in construction four days a week and at Queen City Bar and Grill at night.

Why do I love my job? I have always been a person who thrives on personal interaction and this job lets me work with people of all different backgrounds. It is like a dream come true, I get to use all of the tools I learned in school combined with the experience I gained on the construction site.  I believe it gives me an insight no one else has.

Fun fact! I spent the last 2 years building a 4 foot cigar humidor.

AlisonAlison O’Neil, Donor Relations Coordinator

alison.oneil@pikeplacemarket.org | (206) 774-5262

“I first came to Seattle for the mountains; I’ve stayed for the community. The Market is truly the epitome of the many things that make Seattle unique, innovative, and culturally rich!”

Professional background: I graduated from Cornell in 2012 with a liberal arts degree focusing on English, French, and linguistics. I then spent a year in Paris as an English teacher at the primary school level. While I loved my experience, I soon found I did not want to be a teacher. Upon returning to the US, I got my first taste of fundraising as a canvasser for environmental issues in Upstate NY with the NY Public Interest Research Group. This led me to take a position as Canvass Director with Grassroots Campaigns, Inc., where I managed several successful campaigns out of the Seattle office and worked on donor acquisition, crafting campaign messaging, and training new fundraisers. Most recently I worked as Development Coordinator with Ryther, where I worked on major gift cultivation and a capital campaign. I am thrilled to be a part of this excellent development team and I look forward to thinking holistically about the donor experience with the Pike Place Market.

Why do I love my job? I love that the Market stands for local business, social equity, diversity, and sustainability. The many agencies and the services they provide are an incredible asset to not just this neighborhood but this entire city, and the residents who support this mission make it happen every day. I love to see the empowerment others feel when they realize their gifts and their work actually DO make a difference toward creating the world they want to live in.

Fun fact! I am an extremely competitive athlete and coach! I coach the club women’s lacrosse team at the UW, and play on an ultimate Frisbee team on the weekends.


Suzanne Spencer, Communications & Development Coordinator
suzanne.spencer@pikeplacemarket.org  |  (206) 774-5255 

“Every year, Pike Place Market relies on thousands of volunteers to care for our Market community. Thank you to our incredible volunteer team for all that you do – your time spent and talents shared are truly inspiring!”

Professional background: I graduated from Willamette University in 2012 with a degree in Anthropology and have worked with non-profits supporting environmental and social justice work in California, Oregon, and now Seattle. I joined The Market Foundation in 2013 to manage the Foundation’s volunteer program as an AmeriCorps VISTA. After my year with AmeriCorps came to a close, I accepted a full-time Communications and Development position with the Foundation and now I manage our written and e-communications, website, and social media, as well as our volunteer program. On the weekends you’ll find me backpacking in the mountains, seeing live music, or seeking out the newest microbrewery in town.

Why do I love my job? I get to do it all! On a daily basis, I have the privilege of sharing stories about the Market community with our audiences, working with volunteers, and strengthening our fundraising work. I love the dynamism of my job because it reflects the layered, complex, and vibrant qualities of  Pike Place Market itself.

Fun fact! I recently threw the first pitch at a Mariners game.

Clover ThurkClover Thurk, Special Event Manager
Clover.Thurk@pikeplacemarket.org | (206) 774-5254

“At any given moment, the Market is home to the most unique community of people – vendors, craftspeople, residents, market children, farmers, travelers and more. I’m honored to be a part of this moment in the Market working to expand and support this very special community.”

Professional background: Collaboration and engagement in social justice, sprinkled with fun and laughter, has been a theme for my life’s work. I have been fortunate to work in shelters in Washington, DC, with rural weaving projects in Jordan, and a variety of non-profits in Seattle including the REACH Project and most recently Neighborcare Health.

Why I love my job?  An event can be a powerful engagement tool, utilizing all the five senses. What better place is there to do that than at the Pike Place Market?

Fun Fact! I have been reading Anna Karenina for over a year.